Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quilt of Valor #1

 Hey there! How are you doing? I quilted a Quilt Of Valor this weekend (well, Friday really). Judy Modlin made the top, the Kansas Coordinator sent it to me and I quilted it. I will be sending it back to them on Tuesday when the post office opens back up.

 When I first began chatting with the QOV ladies they were talking about pantograph quilting. I don't like pantograph quilting. I don't like doing it with my Gammill. There are several reasons why, but mostly because I am a bit of a control freak. I want to see EVERY stitch that is going into a quilt and I can't do that from the back of my machine. And I think Pantographs are boring to follow. For me. I am only giving you my thoughts on this matter. I know zillions of quilters LOVE pantographs. And that is awesome. I have tried to like pantographs....when I bought my long arm it can with about 20 different pantographs. But I just didn't like following them. Quilting has always been my favorite part of the quilt making process and pantographs feel (to me) like being constrained...reined in.

Do you know what a pantograph is? Do you know what the difference between pantograph quilting and custom quilting is? I sure didn't until last year!  I was trying to describe the difference to my mom before she came out to visit and she had no idea what I was talking about.  I will talk about that in one of my next posts. I think it is fascinating. But until then...lets get back to this quilt.

 This is how I quilted this quilt. I think it is pretty. Lots of movement. The front has many patriotic fabrics and Judy did a great job assembling this top. I think the swirls look like wind or ripples in a stream...the pebbles look like pebbles. So maybe it looks a bit like a river bed?

 I added a feather to the boarder with lots of pearls. I hope this quilt can bring some comfort to a Vet or his family.

 I have another QOV up on the frame. It is by Judy Modlin as well. I do love all that patriotic fabric!

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