Saturday, February 11, 2012

trying new things

 Long long ago and far far away in a kingdom not so different than our own there lived a quilter. She spent her day quilting quilts. But she only used one design to quilt her designs. She was really really good at her design, but seriously it was the only design she used. You see she did not know any other designs existed. Then a wonderful new tool arrived almost right at her doorstep in the form of a 36 inch Gammill Long Arm, so she began to explore the world of long arm quilting. She began exploring websites and watching DVDs that had been sent to her by mistake. She ordered books off Amazon and her eyes were opened to the wide world of quilting. She likes to learn new things. Truly she does!  She wanted to quilt all over a quilt with just a fantasy vine...a whimsical gathering of leaves and twirls...maybe she would toss in some pebbles (because every quilt needs some pebbles). But she wanted to start small.
 She has some favorite quilt marking tools. Clover chalk pens are the BEST! (I am not sponsored by anyone or by any trust me these things are fantastic). She just draws some curving lines with plans to go to town with leaves and feathers and loops.

 By the time the quilting is finished, most of the chalk will be gone. And that that remains will wash out easily in the wash. Before she tries this technique out on a large quit ( on the long arm) she tries it out on her regular home sewing machine. Small projects are easy to quilt up on the Bernina.

 She is in love with feathers. She loves the sketchy quality of the leaves and the flow of the tendrils.

It is good to learn new things!  Live happily ever after with quilting!

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