Monday, September 10, 2012

One of my quilts is on the cover of a book

Hey there! Have you heard about This book? Well one of my quilts is on the cover. Well, actually it is not my quilt...I just quilted it. Katy Jones made the quilt. It is the pink and grey dresden plate over on the far right. I quilted it ages ago...and I actually don't even have pictures of it. I think I may have some on Flickr. I lost a ton of pictures going from computer to computer to computer over the past year. We did back up files, but I have no clue where the external hard drive is that they are on. Alas, alack. It is a beautiful quilt. I quilted a massive king sized one for her as well. I wonder if the picture of that one are in the book as well?


  1. I was just coming over to tell you about it!!! I need to get pictures of the big mama, and when I do I'll email you some. Can you believe we're on the cover?!!!! EEEEEEEP!!!!!

    1. It is a fabulous quilt and so wonderfully colorful! I have never been on a cover before. I feel like part of the quilt is mine, even if all I did was quilt it for you. You are awesome Katy!


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