Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Writers Block Quilt

Good Morning! How are you doing? I hope you are good. It is getting a bit chilly here in Kansas. I think fall may be on the way! Best season of the year in my opinion.

So, I want to show you the quilt I made with Julia Rothman's TYPE fabric. This collection will be with Windham Fabric. I really like Julia Rothman to begin with...but throw some text fabric in and I am a total sucker. As soon as I saw the fabric I thought circles! Circles are the new square, you know. I knew I wanted to make a bunch of reverse appliqué circles surrounded by a big liberated sawtooth boarder. I heard the other day on American Patchwork and Quilting radio that Modern quilters Never make boarders for their quilts. Well, I think that is crazy. Why not make boarders? Boarders are AWESOME! And boarders can be very modern. This sawtooth boarder is quite simple and surprisingly fast.

Here is the quilt before I bound it. So much lovely texture. I am writing a pattern for it, but more details to come on that later.

I named this quilt Writers Block. Little bubbles of thought, windows to gaze out of and the frustration of trying to make the thoughts flow are depicted in the circles, sawtooth boarder and quilting.

The circles all have different quilt motifs quilted inside them.

I did some Welsh inspired orange peels in this one.

There are are fun little circumference designs around the outside of the circles.

I am pretty wild about this bold scallop design. Wouldn't it be even more fancy with pebbles and straight lines? I have been doodling with that type design in my notebook, but I was afraid it would be overkill with this quilt.

This circle has swirls and paisleys.

This one is just swirls.

This one has some Welsh leaves.

This was a super fun quilt to quilt

Here is is all bound and ready to be shipped off. I think it will be in the Windham Fabric quilt market booth. So if you are going to quilt market, go visit my quilt.

One more thing and then I will stop going on about this quilt. I signed the binding. I think that is a fun way to label the quilt. You see I always forget to add a label before quilting.

This is what my sewing studio looks like at the moment. I have one of Pam's quilts up on the long arm. It is a fantastic medallion quilt. Look at all those AWESOME boarders! See Modern Quilters do too make boarders.

I also finally finished most of the wall painting for my basement. The carpet is still there...mocking me. I found a giant slate blackboard to hang somewhere, but I need my husband to do it because I am nervous about trying to drill into the concrete walls.

I am auditioning quilting for this quilt before I get started. I got this idea (and I was quite inspired by her snowball quilt quilting) of using plexiglass and a dry erase marker from Krista Withers. Krista is one of my very favorite modern quilters. She is brilliant. I wanted to find a different tape to use on the edges, so I don't look like a total copycat, but the man at ACE Hardware was determined I but this blue painters tape because it was such a great deal. So here I am copying Krista. 

The quilting tryout is kinda hard to see in the picture up there, so here it is against my design wall.


  1. Hey Tia!!!! I was just scrolling through your blog and found such kind words about me!!! I am SO glad you are using the plexiglass tool( I Copied the idea from another quilter long ago!!) It is my favorite thing for auditioning designs on a quilt top! I think long arm machines should be sold with one!!! The writers block quilt looks amazing! Thanks for the inspiration! Great work!!

    1. I dig you and your quilting Krista! I agree with your affection for the plexiglass, it is almost like seeing the future.

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    1. I deleted cause I apparently don't know how to use a computer and I posted the same comment twice. DUH

  3. Great idea on the plexiglass!


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