Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Sewing for Quilt Market - Type by Julia Rothman

Hello there! How are you doing this fine fall morning? I hope it is as beautiful where you are as it is where I am. I LOVE fall! 

So, let me show you a bit of what I have been up to. You remember this quilt that I made a bit back for the awesome folks at Windham fabric? It is the Type quilt that I named "Writers Block". I used Julia Rothman's fabric and I love it.

Well, after I finished this they asked if I could make a couple other things...of course I can! I LOVE to quilt and I like to sew up little things.

So, here are the other things I made. A tote bag, 2 notebook covers and a kindle case. They will be in the Windham booth at quilt market. If you are going please say hi to them a bit and ask for the patterns! I wish I was going, but it just can't happen this year. My husband's schedule is much too unpredictable, so mine has to be the predictable one.

The Tote bag is basically one of my Stu totes, but Civilian style. I gave it leather straps, and I changed up the dimensions a bit.

I quilted the heck out of this bag (like I do all my bags), but the quilting is a bit tricky to see.   

Inside is a nice pocket panel that fits a laptop quite well. Each time I look at this fabric I just don't know what my favorite print is. I love the typeset alphabet, but the typewriter keys are wonderful too...and the typewriter print is amazing...but there is so much charm in the paperclips.

I have made several of these Kindle cases so I think I have the pattern just perfect now. I used a thick wool batting between the layers to really keep the e-reader safe. I love my Kindle and I do like to make clothing for it!

This is the back of the case. I totally have those pink reading glasses!

I think my favorite project was the Moleskin notebook covers. What a blast these were to make. I did a couple different quilting motifs on them...not that they needed it, I just wanted to do them!

The morning after I finished these I wanted to take a couple pictures of them. Well, I couldn't find them. Anywhere! I did a bit of a freak out hunting through the house...trying to think like myself the night before so I could figure out where I had left them. My kids were all ready for school and trying to help out with the search. Finally Emma (my 11 year old) asked "do you mean these things?" and she took them out of her book bag. She had plans to give them to her favorite teachers. I don't blame her a bit. They are awesome and scream teacher gifts!

This is what my studio looked like last night. I am making a MASSIVE Texas flag quilt. Yes, that is indeed snow leopard fabric instead of the typical white. This is a commission quilt for a delightful client. I can't wait to quilt it. At 120 inches wide I think it will be one of the widest quilts I have quilted. I am searching for the perfect back, but in the end I will probably just dye some fabric. 

This is another new gadget I received Monday. You see, the video card was fading with my very simple cell phone and it just so happened to be a great time to upgrade to a smart phone. I selected the Galaxy S III. It is much more brilliant than I am, but I am trying my best to figure it out (and twitter, pinterest and instagram and all the other hoohaas that go along with it). I think I need to make it some clothing too...but for now it lives in that little Keyka Lou clutch. It is the perfect size.

And finally this is what I have been working on in the evenings. It will be a boarder to another quilt. I love Susan McCords applique quilts. This boarder is inspired by hers. It is so very nice to sit out on the back porch and stitch. If my husband is around we have a glass of wine and chat while the kids play in the yard. If he is away, I sit with a glass of wine and just enjoy the life I have been blessed with. There is a hint of colder weather on the horizon and the fecund aroma of decaying leaves, in my opinion one of the best smells on earth.

Happy sewing folks, I need to get a move on my day!


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