Monday, October 8, 2012

Things are bigger in Texas

I finished a very large project today. A couple months ago I was contacted by a lady who wanted a king sized Texas flag quilt. No sweat. I can do that. But, instead of white, she wanted snow leopard fabric. Well....ok ( I had to hunt for good snow leopard fabric all over the internet, but I was sure I had seen some somewhere) I can do that too. 

Here is a shot of just the quilt top. Pretty big, isn't it? 

Here is the quilt after is was quilted.

And here is a bit of the quilting detail. I love quilting this way.

Here is a shot of the back. 9 yards of Kona Coal. I love that grey. 

I really want you to see the texture on this quilt. The lady I made the quilt for wanted the quilt to be very puffy. I used 2 layers of wool batting for this quilt. I love quilting with wool batting. Magic happens when you pass your needle through wool. Really, it does. If you have never quilted with wool you really should give it a go. Wool batting can also be quite heavy, and 2 layers of wool make for a very heavy quilt. But the wonderful thing about wool is how well it breathes. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Hooray for wool!

So, here it is on a bed (my bed...but only for this picture)

And here is the star side. That is a BIG quilt folks. I wish many sweet dreams beneath this quilt to it's new owner. Now, I just need to find a box big enough to send it on it's way.

Here is a sneak peek at the next quilt I am working on for Rebecca. I need to add some more feathers in that open spot. And I have 3 bags under way as well. I feel like my little sewing studio has never seen such action. Good times...I love it! 

Oh and I get to go to a workshop with Denyse Schmidt on Friday! I can't wait! I need to figure out which of all my fabric is my favorite and only bring a quarter yard of it. Now, that will be a hard decision!

Happy quilting folks!



  1. I am so grateful you posted about wool today. I am making a quilt right now and it is intended as a second layer for cold cold nights--and I was thinking about trying wool batting.


    1. Wool batting is amazing! You will be very happy with it. I used Quilters Dream Wool for this one, but I have a wonderful wool batting that my friend (LauraJ) sent me from Canada and I ration that stuff like it is platinum. It makes everything AWESOME. The Canadian wool is more thick than the quilters dream, but both battings are so glorious. Good luck!

  2. thats lovely! I love wool too. but 2 layers.. wow.
    Have fun at the DSchmidt Workshop, I've taken a couple and you'd be surprised how little of your own fabric youll use. I pre cut a ton of fabric one year and I still have a whole pile of "DScraps".
    ask about fabric to buy. I got a HY of an orange print that Im saving for something special. she doesn't really know which fabric goes where JoAnnes vs Spotlight and its sometimes a chance to score a colorway of something good. :)

    1. Thanks rachel! I am pretty excited about the workshop.


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