Thursday, November 15, 2012

My next quilt to make .... After I have finished a couple others

I love the tutorials that Missouri Star Quilt Company does! Some of my fastest and favorite quilts are made with her tutorials. I hear that her shop is near by and I want to go! Maybe I can rustle up some friends to go with me. Jenny Doan came to our KCMQG and I declare that she blew my mind during that meeting! OH, and she was so funny....and her husband was precious holding up all her quilts and peeping over the tops. If you have rogue layer cakes or charm packs laying around, hunt through her tutorials and you will be sure to find something brilliant to make!

Anyway, this one is awesome and I want to make this quilt!

 I have another Texas flag quilt to finish today! I know.....yet another. But I think they are fabulous.

OK, Happy sewing!

Tia Curtis

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  1. You should make it! I did it was sooooooooo quick, really doable in a weekend! Now just have to quilt mine!


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