Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Totally NOT a square quilt

Hey there! I have just finished quilting another quilt. It is one of mine. I made the blocks last month at an Improv workshop with Denyse Schmidt (with the KCMQG). I used Denyse Schmidt's paper bag technique to make the blocks.

Honestly this is not my best quilt ever. For real. It was really fun to make and I think it really broke me out of a slump, but this was one funny quilt to quilt. Since it was so wonky I decided on just doing swirls and pebbles in the background and wavy lines in the blocks.

I will not be squaring this quilt up at all. I am going to bind it just like it is.  My little guy has already asked for this one...so it may be a Christmas present for him.

The swirls are absurdly fast to quilt and I really like the pebbles thrown in for good measure. The first block I quilting I got a bit carried away on, so one is not wavy lines.

Anyway, one Christmas present mostly down!



  1. Good for you... in this day and age of quilt police following us around (in our heads) demanding perfection... it's good to see you so free to follow your whims in finishing up this quilt. Lucky guy who gets it for Christmas.

    1. Thanks Margie! Sam Already has tried to lay claim to it. I better learn to hide things better!


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