Monday, December 17, 2012

Ghastlie Quilt for Julie

Good Morning! It is Ghastly early so we should look at this Ghastly quilt I quilted for Julie. The Ghastlies are characters in a fabric collection by Alexander Henry. I think they are really funny folks. As soon as I saw Julie's quilt top I thought it looked like a wall with portraits hung all over it. Julie wanted me to do whatever I wanted, but maybe work in some colored thread. I wanted all the log cabin blocks to be quilted like picture frames and the white background to be quilted like textured wallpaper.

I channeled my inner Krista and Angela and did doodle quilting all over the white background. I included several spiderwebs as well since I think spiderwebs go will with the Ghastlies...and they are supposed to be good luck.

These guys are in a garden behind some sort of trailing vine. She is not thrilled with his affection.

These ladies are behind invisible curtains. Such a serious lot of women don't you think?

I made that fellow be in jail, or maybe peeping in a window...he just looks like he is up to no good.

These two are out in the fog. I am quite pleased with how this quilt turned out. I want to quilt everything with doodle quilting...but not all quilts work with doodle quilting. I am quilting a Quilt of Valor right now that would not work with doodle quilting at I am quilting it quite traditional. I think I am much faster with doodle quilting though. Anyway, pictures of the QOV soon as well as Julie's other wonderful top. I love quilting for Julie!

This is the pieced back.

OK, I have work to do. I hope you are all are having a lovely and peaceful holiday season.


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