Friday, February 8, 2013

Some quilts for Cauchy.

Hey there! I have just finished 3 quilts for Cauchy. Cauchy likes to make big statements with her art for sure. I am only showing peeks of these quilts because She has plans for them. These 3 quilts are pretty neat. One I LOVE...and want to keep (the one on the top of the stack made of luscious Oakshott cross weaves) But it is not mine so I will send it off this afternoon.

This is the back of the Oakshott quilt. The texture on this quilt after it is washed will be out of this world!

This one I used an all over flame is going to be a riot of texture when it is washed too.

And this one is the one that had my husband down in the basement with his guitar singing dirty limericks. So so funny. I am sure it has a story behind the making of the top....but boy let me tell you, Stu and I had a hilarious time quilting it. I will of course need to rip out the pages of my sketchbook where I worked up the quilting design. Some of the drawings are a bit too anatomical for comfort...I was a L&D nurse back in my professional days so I am familiar with lady bits if you know what I mean.

When I was quilting this top I wanted it to be over the top with its feminine flare...but a bit aggressive. Over all I am so excited about it. I wish I could show you a big picture of the whole thing, but Chawne has plans for these quilts so these are just seek peaks. Keep an eye on her blog for the full reveal. I am sure they will pack a punch.

I have a giveaway next! I got some magazines with my kindle cover pattern in it. I bet you want one...for free! Hot dog.



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