Sunday, June 9, 2013

Triangle boarder Tutorial

It is no surprise that I love a boarder. I REALLY love a fast boarder. This is one. There is also almost no waste which I love too.

If you want to have strip pieced triangles just slice up strips between 1 inch and 2.5 inches (I cut width of fabric from selvedge to selvedge and then sub-cut the strips in half. I find it easier to work with 22 inch strips than to work with 44 inch strips... plus I can make more variation in the strip combinations for the triangles) After I have sewn the strips together I cut them into triangles. No real measuring. I just slice angles to make triangles. The I stack them up and make my boarder.

So you need to cut your background strip about an inch and a half more wide than the height of your triangles.

  • Lay your first triangle on the background and use the left edge of the triangle to make your first cut.

  • flip the background piece over so the cut angle is going in the right direction for the right side of the triangle. This one you will need to cut to size so you will need a little ruler. Make sure all the edge is overlapping the background. 

Now you are going to stitch the triangles.

The bottom of the triangle will need to hang over the background by a quarter inch. Same deal on the right side.

stitch first the left side then the right. Trim off the overlap bit on the back and finger press your block open.

Then move on to the next triangle.

If you use this tutorial or have questions please let me know!

Happy quilting!

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