Monday, July 8, 2013

The quilts I finished before I went to the beach

Hey there! How are you all doing? Good I hope! I just got back from Ft Walton Beach. It was awesome but so good to be home. I was in a giant rush to finish 3 pattens and quilt several quilts right before I left so I could relax a bit while on vacation. So busy in fact that I didn't post anything about the quilts I was working on. This is a great one! It was made by one of my favorite clients, Julie. She presses such pretty seams. Anyway, she wanted me to go crazy with lots of swirls to make this quilt pop. Well, I never met a swirl I didn't like!

In my mind I assigned each color a different quilting design and switched between 4 different thread colors. I adore the humps. I see this happening again in the future!

This is the back of Julie's quilt. I wonder what this will be like after it is washed and loved on a bit?

This is the back of Tammy's quilt. It is super secret....hence only the back can I show. The front is so much more wonderful.

Next post will be a t-shirt quilt.


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