Thursday, January 30, 2014

I taught a class and my other Long Arm is back!

I taught a class last weekend. I named it "Free Piecing" admittedly that is not the best name for a class. I need to rename it something else. I didn't mean free as in "no money", I meant free as in "free yourself from rules!" It will help next time I think up names to actually say them aloud. At any rate we all had a great time and some really great blocks were made.

 I think the most fun was had with the bird block. 2 years ago I was in a quilt bee and for my month I wanted bird blocks made. I LOVE free pieced birds. I still have a stack of bird blocks that need to become a quilt. Soon I hope! Maybe next time I will just do a "free bird" workshop? We also learned to make log cabins, shoo flies, churn dash, liberated stars and fun with various pieced borders and bias tape. It was a great class. Thank you Beth for sponsoring me! Beth has a great shop in Raytown "Show Me Quilting"

Next news is that both my Gammill long arms are up and running again! the lovely Statler Stitcher is still here doing great things.

And around the corner is Lady June!

Lady June was my first long arm. She is massive, but now with her new table and modified wheels she is so much easier to push around. We even gave her a new engine. Beth's husband Dave did the after market work on this old girl to give her some more spunk. Before her original table was very very very tall. So tall in fact that my husband made me a stage to stand on so I could quilt. I still felt like some sort of quilting dwarf or child whenever I stood at the table. Now the table fits me much better.

Emma, Stu and I have been quilting away with her on the scrap fabric I loaded up. I love the idea of quilting words and I will be doing this more on my own work in the future. I just need to find the time! Ha! Don't we all need a bit more time in the day?

OK, I need to go get ready for my quilt posse to arrive. We are having quilting day at my house. Im so excited! I love quilting with friends. If you are ever in the area or live near Leavenworth we normally get together on Tuesdays or Thursdays….about once a month. Just email me and I can add you to the distro list.


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