Monday, February 10, 2014

Coming up from my quilt lair for a moment to show you what I have been up to

Hey there folks! I have been busy busy busy and it has been cold and snowy here!  The kids were out of school for 4 of 5 days last week due to one heck of a snow storm so we did a painting craft to make it fun, not that snow days are ever bad. I just wanted to do something fun with them. See those pictures at the end of the post and a link to the website I found the templates and instructions for in case you want to try it with your children next time they are home due to bad weather.

I have been quilting heaps of quilts too. This is a lovely Irish Chain by Jenny. I custom quilted it with a twist on traditional quilting.

I really dig the back too. Green on a natural muslin is lovely.

I also quilted a Quilt of Valor last Saturday on Quilt of Valor day.

I got carried away on this one and custom quilted it. Raylene pieced the top and back. I love quilting Raylenes quilts.

Here is a lovely Bargello quilt made from more of Shari's shirt stripes.

I love the border I quilted on this quilt. I definitely will be adding this design to my bag of tricks.

The body of the quilt was quilted with these arches.

This is Lori's Irish chain. I quilted it Classic Denyse Schmidt. I just love it.

Last but not least quilt is this feathered Star I quilted for Julie. It is made with the Downton Abby fabric collection. It is hard to tell but I quilted lots of feathers.

Here are some more peeks of what is going on in my studio. I am slowly quilting my massive Cross and Crown quilt. It is all my hand dyed linens and an old sheet for the back. I am using 2 layers of batting for this quilt. A deluxe Cotton and a wool. It is going to be so warm when it is finally finished! I love using my newly refit Gammill Supreme. It is so very nice to quilt with.

Over on the Statler is a rainbow quilt I am freehand quilting with all ruler work echoing triangles.

Here are our painted Pony Stampede. This is the project we worked on for the Snow days. All three kids and I worked on the horses. We got them painted and assembled rather quickly, but I didn't think out how I would mount them to the wall down in my studio. I solved that problem by using a blank canvas and Entomology pins. This was super fun and I totally recommend this project!

Ann Wood Card Board Stampede on Design Sponge.

Give that link a go!

OK, I need to go get the eggs before they freeze and vacuum before ladies come over the drop off/pick up their quilts.

Have the best Monday ever!!!

Tia Curtis


  1. Tia, I am such a fan! I love your quilting and I am crazy for your bags! At one point you said you might write a pattern for your bags. I would love to purchase bag patterns from you. Please let me know how or where they are available.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work,
    Angie Willis

    1. Thanks Angie! I actually have several bag patterns in magazines at the moment. Best Modern quilts has a little zip bag, and Modern patchwork has a couple bags as well. I know you can order back issues from the websites. I have a tab at the top with the magazines I have had patterns in recently.

  2. Always stunning quilting!! I can't wait to see the big mamma jamma! :)
    The horses project looks like it was lots of fun and it looks great too.
    Thanks always,
    Christina in Cleveland

    1. It was so very fun to make the horses Christina! Thank you.

  3. Gorgeous quilts & quilting! And the horses....well I'm impressed.


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