Sunday, April 27, 2014

A T-shirt Quilt

Hey there! I finished another Shirt quilt last week. These are actually pretty fun to make. But I did learn a very important tip after I had finished and given this quilt to the client. In the future I will insist that the people who drop off or send the shirts indicate exactly which portions of the shirt are desired in the quilt. I was positive that the lady said to use all the shirts so I did....but it turns out I had insulted her by adding one of the red shirts. Apparently Dr Schabazz is a con traversal figure. Personally I had no clue who she was except that she has an exciting name. Whoops. It was pretty easy to fix by appliqueing another shirt on top and quilting over it with invisible thread, but boy was I embarrassed!

I hand guided the quilting with wind since the young lady who all the shirts belonged to was a runner. And I think these swirls are the most fun to quilt.

It was sashed with blue and backed with fuchsia, the young lady's favorite colors. So...learn from my folly and if you every make one of these quilts for someone, ASK what shirts they want and mark them with masking tape. My favorite Shirt client did that with her college shirts and her husband did the same with his. It made the process so much more simple.

I have lots of quilts to show off!

Have a happy weekend!

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