Sunday, April 27, 2014

some more quilts

Hey there! Here are some more quilts I finished recently. This wonderfully sweet quilt I custom quilted all free hand. Not a stitch of computer. Can I tell you how much faster it is to hand guide than it is to plop in all those designs and stand by to wait for the machine to quilt them out for me?

There was some really fun dimensional piecing in this quilt that made the quilting something I really had to think about. The client wanted the folded bits to pop out. so I just quilted around them.

Next up is this doggy quilt. The center part is a panel that the client wanted custom quilted so it looked pieced. This quilt is all hand guided too.

I traced around all the dogs with the long arm and did some fun quilting in the parts we wanted to look pieced.

In the border I quilted dog words "woof", "yip", "Grrrrr" "Bark". I couldn't think of any more word sounds so that is what I went with.

Now the next two quilts are all custom computer quilted. They took ages. And in a way sucked my creative mind dry. I think while I was quilting them I was also painting garish colored Chicken portraits and trying my best to learn to knit toe up socks. I gave up on the socks. But the hen portraits look good.

The blocks in this quilt were made by my clients great Aunt years and years ago. Sorry about the cruddy pictures they don't do anything to showcase all the details.

And this top was done by the same lady's grandmother. I tell you what...there are some of the best little feedback prints in this Dresden plate quilt! I had to really hunt to find doubles.

She brought in pictures of how old Dresden Plate quilts had been hand quilted and she wanted me to quilt it similar.

And we had a photo shoot this morning before the terrible weather hit town. I am trying to get a good Head Shot for a book I have contributed to...but I almost never have my picture taken. I am always behind the camera taking pictures of others! Anyway I thought this one was pretty fun. Very Napoleonic wouldn't you say?


  1. I have heard from other longarmers that using the computer takes more time than just free hand quilting. More doggie words are "bow wow", "arf", "owooooo" and commands like sit, heel and down. That picture of you holding your chicken is great. Thanks for sharing your quilting pictures. You are inspirational.

    1. I will totally be including those fine doggy words with the next doggy quilt I do! Thank you Karen!


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