Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quilts quilts quilts

Happy Summer folks! I have been busy quilting. This is a custom quilt for a friend on post. It was her first sampler quilt. I quilted all the blocks a bit different.

This is a Swoon quilt I quilted custom. I never get tired of that swirl!

This was a really large Irish Chain quilt that I used both the Statler Stitcher and freehand quilting.

I have wanted to use that big feather for a while and was excited to use it on this quilt.

This was a fun quilt. It is going on a boat, so it was to be nautical...but not too nautical incase they wanted to use in their living room. I custom quilted it with both the Statler Stitcher and free hand.

This was a MASSIVE  quilt. the background was osnaberg, which I have found has a tendency to fray. I think the quilting I did will prevent that.

This edge to edge is named "Modern Snails"I love it.

I quilted this big vintage quilt with infinity loops, or figure eights. Denyse Schmidt made this quilting design famous. I do wish I would have shrunk the design up a bit more. All the vintage fabrics were so fun to look at.

And since it is summer, I have a kiddo (or 3) down in the studio with me. This guy helps me with the pinning and unpinning of quilts. It is nice to hear him jabber on about legos while we works.

This quilt I quilted with an all over feather. I think it is really pretty and adds great texture.

OK, I have a bag tutorial I am putting stay tuned!

Tia Curtis

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