Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Lucky Star quilt

Hey there! In July Vanessa Christenson came to speak at Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. I have been a long time admirer of her blog so I was super excited to listen to her speak AND take a little workshop with her.

She taught us how to make her Lucky Star quilt. Or pillow I guess. I decided it needed to be bigger and added a white border and made it into a throw sized quilt.

I LOVED Vanessa! She is just as bubbly as she is on her blog. What a sweet lady. What was so fun about this quilt was the BIG FAT blue gradient stripe we used to make the blocks. Each stripe on the fabric was 5.5 inches wide. It was so cool and perfect for this type of piecing. I wish I would have taken pictures along the way! I have tried to find yardage of this fabric but I can't.

Sadly this quilt is already gone! A lady came over to the studio a couple days ago to drop off a quilt to quilt and wanted to buy something from me. Oddly that happens a lot. I guess I should make up a bunch of little bags or something so people can shop. But she wanted a quilt for a baby gift and I had this one laying in the stack to be bound and she wanted it. I knew if it stayed in my house it would just join the parade of quilts through the laundry and on the kids would be one of MANY MANY MANY, so I let it go to be only ONE in a new house. It is kinda cool to sell something that wasn't really even for sale and was so fun to make.

The quilting on this quilt was an Edge to edge named Modern Maze. I love it for it's custom look...but it is still just an e2e. A really affordable way to get a very custom look on a quilt.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tia Curtis

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