Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Pineapple quilt

Hey there! It has indeed been ages since I last posted. Lots has been happening around here. But all good things, thank goodness! I got to quilt this really tropical quilt for one of my favorite clients. She used to hand quilt all her quilts, but her Arthritis has made quilt very difficult and uncomfortable for her. I happily quilt for her now. This was a special quilt for her as she designed it and used quite a bit of paper piecing. She wanted something special done when I got to it. I saved it for last from the stack she dropped off.

I had a complete blast quilting it. Frankly I love quilting just about any quilt, but this one was so fun!

I wanted it to look like tropical breezes and sunshine

I used a really fun border on this quilt. It looks like ferns or some sort of jungle vine.

You can see the quilting better of course from the back.

And here is a bit more of the wide border vine. I used a combination of computer generated design and hand guided with the fill work, ruler work and a couple of the borders. This quilt went surprisingly fast.



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