Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some Quilts I quilted recently

Hey there folks!
I just got home from doing a trunk show in Rogers, Arkansas. It was so fun and it was such an honor to be asked to show off my quilts to the Modern Quilt Guild of North West Arkansas. Wow. Thank you ladies for having me down. Your town is lovely and your guild is filled with so much talent. You also have one of the coolest quilt shops I have ever been in. The Rabbits Lair was awesome. Wow. I have a bag full of hand dyed wool singing a siren song to me begging me to come do some applique. But I must resist! Until next week.

Tomorrow I get to Teach Quilt as you go on the long arm at KC Quilt Festival. I am beyond thrilled. I hope it is as fun for everyone else as it has been for me. Fingers crossed! I will pack the van after this blog post.

So, let me take a moment while I have a glass of wine to show you some of the quilts I have quilted lately. I hate glowing them all in one blog post. but looking at my blogging trends this is as good as it is going to get until next week or so...but I have fun plans for blogging then and I don't want to NOT show these quilts due to oversight. So lets take a look...

This is a fun quilt I quilted with a simple cross hatch. I kinda love it. Super simple and so fast!

This is a fun quilt (a man quilt) that I quilted with Bauhous in the body of the quilt and guitars around the border.

The man the quilt was made for is a musician. I love those guitars. If you look close I did a thick double stitching in gold to try to look like blue jeans stitching. I know in the 7 zillion stitches my Bernina has that I have a good thick back stitch, but I couldn't find it. Or maybe it was on a different machine?

This was a fun one I did for Taylor. So much texture! Lots of ruler work, but some Statler work too.

These modern pearls are my favorite.

The dense baptist fans are a close second.

This is another quilt I did for Taylor. She found a stack of antique signature blocks and finished them all into a quilt.

I swear if I ever get to have a farm with a massive flock of fat hens they are all going to get their names from this quilt.

Taylor gave me a little diagram of what she wanted the blocks to look like so I made it so.

I did a wide vine around the border. It loosely is related to the narrow vine in the sashing.

Next up is colored candies. This was an enormous quilt. Cheryl is such a good piecer. Talk about straight seams! I love it!

She wanted dense wavy lines and swirls in the colored blocks.

Lots of thread here!

Last up is this quilt for one of my favorite clients (all my clients are awesome, but one reason Beth is special is because she plots revenge with me to get my flock of fat hens back). I think this is the first quilt I have custom quilted for her. Which is odd because most of the quilting I do is custom quilting...I had a blast quilting this one.

Swirls and stars. Gosh I love that combination.

It is hard to see, but the centers of each star are different.

And it got a little star spangled border. I love how this quilt turned out.

OK, I am off to cut 20 quilt backs and the batting to match. If you are coming to class tomorrow come early to help pin them up to the frames and I will give you a treat!


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  1. You made me laugh out loud: I said a sweet "good night" to a hen named Opal this evening. :)

    Your quilting is beautiful. It's always fun to see both your designs and the piecing as well. Thanks for sharing.


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