Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tanya's Quilt

Being an army wife (even though my husband is retired) friends sail in and out of my life. Tanya is one of the friends that will stay dear to my heart forever. She has been such a blessing to know. Tanya was part of our Quilt Posse here on Ft Leavenworth. We had a blast. This quilt was one we did as a block of the month 2 years ago? Maybe it was last year. All the blocks were based on blocks from the Kansas City Star Newspaper. It was really fun to make blocks that were very simple and then we could drink tea and chat the rest of the meeting or blocks that were hilariously difficult and there was no chatter at all as we stitched away.

Tanya is one of the most precise piecers I have ever encountered. I am very fly by the seat of my pants, so her input is invaluable before launching a pattern. She let me custom quilt her quilt and told me to do whatever I wanted.

So this quilt is filled with feathers and swirls and so much love. I posted several videos on my Instagram showing the machine quilting the point to point function. I used a combination of free hand quilting and digitized designs.

I love the little stars she put in the sashing.

Tanya already had the label put on the was a wonky star!

I will miss you Tanya! Come back soon!


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