Saturday, January 30, 2016

January flew by.

Hey there everyone! 

How is did your January go? Mine zipped by so fast. I took January off as far as classes go, but beginning on the third of February I am off to a quick clip with many classes this year. Please see my side bar if you are interested in taking a class with me.  I will be teaching in Kansas City at Modern Makers and in Leavenworth at Meadows Quilt Shop. 

Lets look at some quilts. I did several Edge to Edge quilts and got them out the door without taking pictures of them. That seems to be happening a lot lately. I seem to remember to take pictures of the Custom quilts, but the e2es slip by. 

 With that said I did take a picture of this quilt, at least the back anyway.   I think this digital design is named Space Travel. I have been wanting to use it for ages. I love quilting with Minky. I think it makes such soft quilts. The ones I have made for my children have held up pretty well as long as I don't dry them on too hot a cycle. The front of this quilt was really cute robots and rocket ships. There is a picture in my Instagram feed for sure.

Next up is this really sweet cupcake quilt.

The cupcakes are paper pieced and all the fabric is flannel. I stink at paper piecing. It is so hard to switch my brain to that area so I just rarely do it. Joe made this quilt and the next one. And he did a great job.

I knew just how I wanted to quilt most of they quilt, but those little "L" shaped bits had me totally lost. I looked and looked at them wondering what the heck was I going to do with them? I decided to quilt cupcake names into them. Red Velvet, Sugar Pie, Mochichino to name a few. Quilting words not only creates pretty texture it is kinda neat too.

Last up is this fabulous quilt with a big white skull in the middle. Joe made this for his young Nephew. I think Sugar Skulls are neat and I wanted to quilt the skull into a sugar skull...but hold back and not make it super feminine.

The back ground is quilted with contour lines. I never get tired of contour lines. Maybe the skull belongs to a pirate? And maybe the pirate buried treasure (as they do)? I bet these contour lines will help him find his chest of jewels and gold coins.

Have a great weekend. It is super warm here, so I hope you all get outside to enjoy the weather.


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