Monday, January 18, 2016


Good Morning!

So I have 2 lovely Custom Quilts to show you and a work in progress. 

I really like the embroidery on this quilt. Such narrow bits stitched so very well.

I quilted it with a clamshell background and some crystals in the sashing and a little vine quilted around the border.

This quilt  was made by a very skilled quilt maker, Pam. The quilts name is Cleopatra's Fan. I was a little concerned when I saw all the curves and bias, but this was the most square quilt I have quilted in quite a while.

I quilted it with feathers in the background, some S curves and echo arches. I also used Wool batting which gave the quilt so much loft. Wool batting is my favorite!

This is the quilt I am working on down in the studio now for Sherri.

It is getting quilted with a Lovely E2E.

Have a Happy Day folks!



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