Monday, February 27, 2012

Swoon Quilting

 I have been quilting away on Mary's swoon quilt over the last couple days. I wanted the background to look like the sea...or the ocean floor. I am McTavashing the heck out of this quilt, and so far I am really thrilled with the results.

 The center stars are all pebbled so they look a bit like starfish in my opinion.

My quilts are starting to pile up on the hanging thing...everyone else's quilts are safely tucked in bags. OK, back to the long arm!

Have a great Monday!


  1. OH MY GOSH OHMYGOSH OMGOSH! I'm sitting here all teary! It's so beautiful, Tia!!! I'm so excited! And the back! Look how cool the back looks!! Thank you so much! You are the PERFECT person to be quilting this quilt!

  2. Mary you did such a great job on it! Your seams are so nice and flat. I love the crab fabric too! Thank you so much for letting me quilt your lovely sea swoon.

  3. That looks great! Question-- do you stitch in the ditch to anchor the quillt, or do you just kind of quilt in a way that keeps it from puckering?

  4. Hey there Danielle, sometimes I stitch in the ditch, sometimes I don't. FOr this one I only stitched in parts of the ditch....I wanted the quilting ultra flowy on the back since I was using white thread on a navy back.


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