Thursday, March 22, 2012

Strip quilt is quilted

 Here is my strip quilt all quilted and lovely. This may be my new favorite quilt. I love all the hand dyes and the greens are some that I have kept hidden away in my stash and I finally decided to use them. They look even better in a quilt than they did all folded up on the shelf.

 So, for this quilt I really wanted to just do an all over quilt design. I knew I wanted to do the Echo Swirl that I am loving right now, but then I saw those 2 boarders...and I just couldn't do an all over design. The boarders needed to be quilted differently. I did not want to invest another week of my life quilting this quilt because I have many many other things to do besides submitting to the luxury of quilting for myself.

 The boarders were new to me. Sharon has used both of these designs in her quilts and I decided to take them to my long arm and see how they went. I think I could have made them more detailed, but the simplicity is quite appealing to me. I think the swirls and circles go well with the straight lines and angles of this strip quilt.

 I have a tutorial worked up for this quilt if anyone would like to see it, I can put it up easy enough.

 This is the back of the quilt. I used my favorite 200 thread count muslin. I think it will wash really well


  1. T, this is beautiful!!! I love your quilting in a million ways.

  2. I love your quilt, and I think your quilting is amazing! I'm only just starting to learn free motion quilting, but you've inspired me to try a different design with my next quilt.


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