Monday, April 2, 2012

Bindings and messages

 Hey there! All quilts should have bindings right? All quilts should also have a label. I will admit that most of my quilts do not have a label. It is true. I just get so excited that when I see the finish line in the distance (in the making of a quilt, not an actual rice) I just want the quilt done and in circulation as soon as possible. Well, lately I have been just adding my signature INTO the binding! I think that is so smart.

 See, it is so subtle, but totally there. I made this quilt! See, it says so.

 I also bound and washed the swoon quilt. It has been on the bed and in service before I got a good shot of it.
Since the quilt is for my husband I let him select the binding. He decided on black. Not bad I think.

Well, as I was binding this quilt, it dawned on me that I didn't make a label for it. Crap. I worked quite hard on this Swoon quilt and I for sure what something to indicate that I made it! Well, I decided to write a little message to my husband in the center of this star. I left it mostly blank because I just couldn't think what to quilt in it. Thank goodness I did.  Since the quilt is made with Echo (by Lotta Jonsdotter) and the maps of places we have lived I thought that message to him was a good one. It says " Thank you for this wonderful adventure, Dean  Love Tia"

You should write on your quilt too! Just use your free motion foot. Oddly (or maybe not) my quilt hand writing looks the same as my regular handwriting. Funny, huh?

Have a great day!


  1. I have written on quilts too and I too noticed that my quilt writing looks like my hand wroting. Funny, that! It's a brain thing.

  2. I love the name-stitched-in-binding. Very cool.

  3. Love your Swoon quilt - and your little message is so cute!

  4. I've done this, too - it works great, although I haven't done it actually on the binding - must try that!


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