Sunday, April 8, 2012

Welsh Quilting with my Long Arm

 First off, Happy Easter! It is such a beautiful day here in West Texas I can barely stand to be inside for this short moment of blogging. It has been raining and everything is so beautifully green and the wild flowers are amazing. It just smells divine outside. So, I have been quilting with the garage doors open. I have also bee trying out quilting Welsh style, but with my long arm instead of my domestic machine.

 When I learn a new quilting style I need to test it out on my smaller sewing machines ( my Berninas typically) and when I am pretty comfortable with the motions and techniques there, I will take the ideas to my Gammill.

 I absolutely LOVED quilting this quilt. It is a very simple design, just 9 x 62 inch strips of Grunge Basics (by Moda.). Four of one color and 3 of another. All I really wanted the focus to be on was the quilting.

 I wanted more practice on vines and of course more quilting with the Celtic style leaves and arcs.

 I really want to do one more...but I have some bags to work on first. I also have a couple Texas quilts to make.

I bound and washed this red cross quilt. I was nervous to put it through the wash, not because of the hand stitching, each stitch was incredibly strong. I was afraid of all that red not being colorfast and running all over the white. But it turns out I had nothing to worry about at all. It looks fabulous! No bleeding, and there is only one small area where the initial discoloration did not come clean.

I hope your Easter Weekend is going as well as our is!


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