Saturday, April 28, 2012

Texas flag quilts make pretty good farewell gifts

 Good Morning! I hope your weekend is going to be a very good one. I will be quilting a couple more Texas flag quilts. You see, it is just about moving time around here. When you live your life in the military you know that with the end of the school years comes moving season. What gift does a group give a particularly helpful spouse? Well, a Texas flag quilt of course! I love making these quilts. The quilting is so fun and free...much like Texas itself?

 If you have ever visited or lived in West Texas you know that it is a windy place. I think the swirls look like wind. The little pebbles are pollen (at least for my family) and the paisleys represent how things are just a bit different around these part. Not wrong, just different. I love some of the differences, others I am not quite so thrilled with.

 All in all it makes for a pretty neat quilt. This is a throw sized quilt. I have taught this project twice while I we have bee stationed here. And each time the students have pinned their own touch on the quilting. There is so much open space you can really go wild with the quilting, or not. Lines would be lovely as well...just not quite are thrilling to quilt.

 I am not going to say Who I am making these quilts for....but I hope they find this gift to be a bit more useful that the typical plaque. These can also be personalized with unit patches or a signature label for the back....lots you can do with a Texas flag quilt.

Have a lovely weekend! It will be HOT here. April and it is already up into the triple digits. This is going to be a brutal summer!


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