Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Quilted Boxy Zipper Bag Tutorial

Hi There and Yay to 2018!!! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday break. I know I am already way back in the swing of my work so I figured I should blog. My resolution for 2018 is to blog more. I do so much fabulous sewing and I have gotten out of the habit of documenting it. It gets given away or sold and I never see or think of it again...its like it never happened.

My husband and I have already made a video tutorial over on Youtube for the way I make Quilted Boxy Zipper Bags. Please go over and have a look. If you are visiting from Youtube, welcome! I am so happy you are here. I have quite a few tutorials here (and over on my old blog) the list is over on the right hand side of the blog as well as several video tutorials over on Youtube. Poke around a bit and make yourself at home. Feel free to make comments or suggestions for future videos too. 

Here is the video if you don't want to go to youtube.

The lighting is funny, but it sure showed all the lint and pet fur on the navy blue fabric. I used a really cheap sheet as the quilt back and it just acted as a magnet to any lint, fur, hair and thread. yippee.

OK, so a couple things that will be important if you want to make the zipper bags. Below is a quick shot of the dimensions for the different sized bags. It is not fancy and it is really the technique I wanted to showcase, not really the pattern. I just wing it whenever I make them anyway. I find a zipper to fit the quilted bit I have ready to go and move on from there. But maybe you want more structure? I get that. I am here for you!

If you want a closer look at how I put in the zippers, here is a LINK to a picture heavy blog I did a couple years ago. It might help you.

I will have the same info below with a couple sample bags pictured too. I have your back!


More bags!

Both of these bags are made from the same 10" x 16" quilted piece. I just used a different sized zipper and did the sides and boxing of the corners different.

Boxy Zipper Bag

The large bag = 14" sport zipper and 15"x 21" quilt

The Small bag = 9" zipper and a  10" x 16" quilt

Tall Curved top bags
Wide Bag = 12" zipper and 10" x 16" quilt

Skinny Bag = 6" zipper and 7" x 13" quilt

Pencil Bags
*this is the only bag where you will sew the zipper along the longer edge of the quilt sandwich. All the other bags get the zipper sewn along the shorter edges. Muy Importante!!! 

Large bag = 12" zipper and 13" x 11" quilt

Small Bag= 10" zipper and 11" x 9" quilt

So folks, use these formulas to make some great zipper bags. This is just the jumping off place. Go bigger, go smaller do your thing! Practice your quilting and make some great little projects. These are perfect for gifts or to organize your stuff.

I buy my zippers from ZIPIT on Etsy. Her (or his) prices can't be beat and the selection is too awesome.

Ok, let me know if you have any questions!


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  1. I love your tutorial. Thanks for the tips on making a curved top!


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