Sunday, September 4, 2011

3) My thrid quilt

 So, this was my third quilt. It is another log cabin. I had just discovered how much I loved Amy Butler. Who knew there were "fabric designers"? I drove all the way to Temple, TX to buy this fabric. There was the greatest fabric shop in the old governors mansion. I mixed Amy Butlers lovely Charm collection with some other strange sorta solids.

 I got all wild on the quilting of this quilt. I made a giant spiral twirling out from the center. I fianlly broke from using hand quilting thread in my sewing machine to a pretty shiny green poly. I was not a purest yet...I just liked the color.

I made this quilt for my youngest son, Sam. I had the top finished before he was born, but didn't quilt it until he was a couple weeks old.

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