Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quilting in the rain

I had such a great day today. I finished Mary's Awesome quilt! It rained all day long and for most of the time I had the garage door open so I could watch it. I love rain. Someday I want to live where it rains often. Someday I would also like to have a quilting studio somewhere other than my garage...but for now it works. I keep a nice clean garage and the vehicles are out in the driveway. I am on the hunt for a proper studio when we get to Kansas. Not too much time left! Next month we move. How unreal. I have 5 quilts to finish up before the packers come! Tomorrow it will be sunny again so I will get better pictures of this massive quilt then.



  1. This leaves me breathless! Truly beyond my wildest expectations. XXXX

  2. If you ever get posted to Joint Base Lewis-McCord, you'll get your rain! I love the rain, it's really green here... every shade of green you can imagine.

  3. the quilt looks just gorgeous! Hey if you want some rain, just come to Vancouver!


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