Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A red cross quilt

 Hey there! How are you doing? I hope good. I made a quilt over the past couple days. As I was sorting fabric I set 3 pieces of fabric aside with plans to do something really quick and simple so I could spend some time quilting it and running my newly updated Gammill. The creamy background fabric is a flour sacking that has a terrific texture. The red and turquoise are Japanese solids that my friend bought for me when she lived in Japan. They are thicker than kona solids, but really soft and wonderful. I have been very spare with using them, but I don't know why...they are so much prettier in a quilt than they were folded up on my fabric shelf.

 I had a blast quilting the background is a series of different designs. I took a Craftsy class by Angela Walters and I wanted to try out some of her designs. Her swirls are so fabulous, but a bit tricky. I have the hang of them now. I will certainly be using them again soon!

 I quilted in some trailing whimsical vines, some bubbles and also some paisleys. I do love the vines and I really missed quilting them over the past couple months. I am so happy to have my studio all set up again!

 Angela has a great wood-grain design in her book that I wanted to I put that in the center section on top of the red crosses. Wouldn't an entire quilt look fabulous quilted with just the wood-grain?

 I also wanted to try Angela's peacock feathers....I am not thrilled with how mine turned out, I will have to practice more. But overall the quilting turned out great, I think. I think I am going to give this quilt to my husband's grandmother. She is having surgery, and it may keep her warm during recovery. Or certainly brighten up her room.

This is the back. Not particularly pretty fabric, but I had a ton of it. Next up I have some client quilts to do and 3 bags orders to get back to. Back to business...almost like the move never happened.


**The block pattern I used for the red crosses can be found HERE. It is a really quick block and you can make them really wonky or not so much at all. Mine are not too crazy...just enough to wiggle a bit.

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  1. The peacock feathers are good - I can recognize them .. and yes of course one can always get a bit better.
    And I like the backing fabric - such a different character.


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