Monday, August 6, 2012

Julie's Yellow and Gray quilt

 Hey there!

This is Julie's yellow and Gray quilt. If you know me you know my very very favorite solid color is gray. I was so thrilled to take this beautiful quilt top and back out of the box when Julie sent it to me. So much beautiful gray! Well, I had a blast quilting this one. Julie wanted me to do whatever I wanted on it...that is some wild freedom isn't it? Well, I decided to try to quilt each print with it's own design. I think that gives it a bit connection. All the dark gray places have Angela's swirls, all the light gray parts are quilted with my swirls, the yellow with white dots are quilted with paisleys and the gray with yellow dots are quilted with bubbles.

 All the bicycle spots have wood-grain quilted on them. I think I want to do an entire quilt with wood-grain.

This is the back. This one is going to be awesome after it is washed too. All that texture will shine. Do you wash all your quilts? I do. A quilt isn't finished unless it is washed. I feel strange sending out quilts untrimmed and unbound and especially unwashed.

Have a great day!



  1. Looks great, Tia! :)
    I see you're back in Kansas... does that mean you'll be at the KCMQG meeting on Thursday? :)

  2. Great variety of patterns, this is a picture that I'd really like to share with my machine quilting classes

  3. looks great in every little bit.

    PS Yes, I wash. Feel it the you wrote it - no out of the washer look, no finished quilt.


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