Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2 Quilts For Kelly

I was super excited to quilt 2 fantastic Granny Square quilts for Kelly L. They were made of wonderful Denyse Schmidt fabric, and a print by Lake House Fabric (I believe ). Forgive me for these pictures. It was raining cats and dogs so my studio was so dreary.

I decided to challenge myself and quilt them each a bit different. This one I decided looked more masculine, so I just used double arcs in the printed fabric, echoing straight lines in the white and you can't tell, but the black and white sashing has serpentine lines.

For the straight lines I used my channel locks. I thought I was going to use my ruler to quilt, but quickly decided that was not going to work in my timeline. Channel locks were much better.

The second quilt I decided looked more feminine so I quilted it with paisleys, swirls and mazes. The sashing has a tiny feather/vine.

I used pebbles too around the cornerstones. I like how the quilting gives the block a secondary design.

These were AWESOME to quilt. Kelly said she used 5 inch charm squares to make the blocks. They were really big. Such a great impact. If you want to make a Granny Square quilt too. Blue Elephant Stitches has a great tutorial


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