Friday, October 24, 2014

Lori's Quilts

 Hey there!
Happy Quilt Market! I am not going this year. I had big plans to go and even have a booth with my fabulous patterns and kits...but nope. I am having a heck of a time getting all the fabric from Cotton and Steel. This retail/wholesale side of the business has been eye opening to say the well as rather disappointing. But that is cool. I am learning quite a bit. I am learning that I have no control. That is fine, I will hopefully get the rest of my wholesale order and be able to make my dream happen next Quilt Market. For now lets look at what I do have control over. Quilting.

I quilted these two quilts for My friend and fellow KCMQG member Lori Lange. She had some ideas of what she wanted done to them and I had a blast quilting them.

I am really thrilled with how this Spool quilt turned out. 

 Double cross hatching in the blank blocks, some freehand loops and a wild freehand border.

There are 3 pairs of scissors as well. These were done with my Statler Stitcher, not freehand.


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