Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DVD review and Giveaway

Hey there! My wonderful Friend Carrie Bloomston of Such Designs has been super busy. She has made a great little movie with Interweave Press about Art Techniques for quilt design. She is giving away a copy of the DVD on her BLOG. Please go over today and leave a comment so you can have a chance to win.

Carrie is the sweetest lady around and is just bubbling with creative energy. Even though I have a zillion things going on in my life I took about an hour to sit down with her DVD, a pad of paper and a cup of tea. It is so nice to stretch your creative muscle a bit...so relaxing. Carrie is such an encouraging personality and she chats a bit about her process which I ALWAYS find fascinating.

You can also BUY your own copy of the DVD HERE. Well worth the money.

She even showed one of the quilts I made for her last Quilt Market. The pattern for this Modern Folk art Applique Quilt will be in the next Quilt Festival Magazine on the cover no less. Wild. The Paint Brush case I designed will be in the same issue. I love Carrie's art and quirky style. Her colors really appeal to me.

So...Go over Carries Blog! Leave a comment and get your creative juices flowing! You have to leave the comment on her blog. You can say something here too if you wish, but she chooses the winner.

Tia Curtis

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