Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Studio Apron Pattern

Hi There!

I hope you are all doing well. We are great. Gearing up for the holidays for sure. We are having people over for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yikes. Half of my downstairs quilt lair has been converted into a guest room for my sister and her husband to stay when they come at Christmas. We have also been cleaning the house like a herd of enchanted gnomes, yet magically it dirties itself right back up. 

I spend my day working in my basement. I quilt and cut fabric and sew from time to time. I also love to wear an apron. I suppose it stems from when my sister and I would cook with our mom as kids. She had a big drawer filled with dish towels and our Grandmothers old aprons. We would pick out our aprons and we got to cook. My favorite was a pink gingham smock style apron. It was easy to button in the back. I think about that apron so many times, so I drafted one for myself.  I wear it as my work uniform (I wear other stuff too, not just an apron. The basement is too chilly for that nonsense). The apron I wear normally is a simple smock style apron with a big pocket to hold my phone, scissors and a lip balm. I made it fancy by adding some lovely hand tatted lace that I bought at a shop in Weston. I love that apron so much. When I put it on it is like immediately getting in the zone. I am ready to work. Sometimes I am so focused on work that time slips away from me and my alarm goes off warning me it is time for the mail run and school pick up. I have to dash out of the house and more often than not I forget I have my apron on. All the sudden strangers in the post office compliment me and my wonderful outfit and ladies ask me where I bought my top at the grocery store. I say "Thanks! I made it." I do like to say that. Well, now you can say that too! I made a pattern for the apron! You can get it on my website and print it off in your home, or take the file to a print shop with a large scale printer (that is what I do).

The PDF pattern is available now and soon we will have some paper patterns available. Seriously this is the easiest apron to make. One piece of fabric, as many pockets as you want to sew on, easy tomato fancy and tart up if that is what blows your hair back. These are so cute in Cotton+Steel linen canvas, but that are great in all sorts of fabric. I am currently making them in the faded green canvas from an old Thermos tent. I have several aprons listed in my shop that I made while testing out the pattern. If you don't sew that might be an option for you.

 Here is my little model out doing her thing in one of the aprons that I added a ruffle to. See how the back snaps? It is so easy guys!

This is me in a longer version. It dawned on me that I'm pretty short. Most of humanity is taller than me, so I added some extra fabric onto the bottom of this one with a French Seam. 

I will be making a video soon to show how to make the apron if that is helpful, but frankly I don't think it is necessary. It is really the easiest pattern. If you make one I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it!

Now that I have discovered Adobe Illustrator get ready for all sorts of patterns! They have been clogged in my head for so long.



  1. beautiful aprons and a lovely story about your childhood memories. I like your humourous parts of the story too...........probably good you DID have clothes on under the apron for the photos! They are so beautiful that they do look like a garment. I too wear an apron (handmade too) for quilting, it has a pocket also, but yours is sooooo much prettier than mine!

  2. Hi Tia, I’ve been looking for an apron JUST like this. My Granny wore one and I loved helping her. This style is so much more comfortable than any of the fitted, tie around your waste. You mention planning to have a paper version and I like those over the digital type. Do you know when you will have them? I’m feeling desperate for one AND if the paper version is coming soon I’ll try and be patient 😜
    I follow you on IG and admire your quilting.

    1. I have some available now. Please check my ETSY shop. You are welcome to purchase it there.

    2. Thank you, I’ll go look now!!


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