Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More quilts have been quilted

Hey there folks!

I have been busy busy busy down in my quilt lair. So busy in fact that many quilts have left the house without being photographed. Oh well.... Lets look at some I managed to get shots of.

This is a Pickled Beets quilt that I quilted for Kelly. She wanted it ultra feminine, with massive cabbage roses all over it. She that is what I did. Between the large scale quilting and the wool batting this will be one ultra fluffy quilt.

I took the Pickled Beets workshop that Latifah taught when she came to Kansas City, but I am no where near as focused on finishing my projects as Kelly is.

This next one is by Klonda. I loved those cute pinwheels and I decided they needed some wind to blow them.

So this one got big spirals and wind.

I lift the black squares and the pinwheels unquieted so they would pop with the wool batting.

This is an Eclipse quilt I made for myself. When the Cotton+Steel Menagerie fabric came into my shop I couldn't help but cut it up and make a quick quilt. You can find the Menagerie fabric in my etsy shop. Go on...help yourself and buy it all. I would like that very very much.

I made an eclipse moon with reverse Appliqué. I made this quilt quite some time ago now that I think about it.

I wrote in the larger stars some info about the eclipse like how long the totality lasted and where the eclipse happened. I saw this on an antique quilt and knew I had to add this to mine. I quilted it with an edge to edge design named Modern Curves. I programed the machine to jump over the stars and then I came back and quilted them in later. The texture on this quilt is so great. I love how soft and lovely the drape is.

I spent weeks quilting this lovely quilt for Morgan. The traditional ones take me so much longer. She wanted the quilting to create a secondary design in the background. You will be able to see it better on the picture of the back. I had rather lousy light to get the pictures.

The back is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I quilted this one for Lori. It turned out so pretty, but again the pictures stink. Sorry.

I did straight lines in the purple areas and swirls in the pale and yellow backgrounds.

Oh and I did this whole cloth for my bed this winter. It is made with Essex linen in Aqua and the back is the most beautiful lawn from Allison Glass. This whole quilt was inspired by Alison's booth at Spring quilt market. Karlee Porter had quilted a gorgeous large scale whole cloth quilt on linen and I knew that I would need to make myself one before the year was out.

This is a little better detail picture. Maybe it is just my eyes and you all can see fine. I had to get glasses a couple months ago and I swear it is humbling to have to use them. I made it almost 43 years without needing help, but now I NEED them, of course I hide them from myself all over the house. That's always fun.

Have the best day!


  1. why is the quilt pattern called "Pickled Beets"?

  2. So many beautiful quilts. You have an amazing talent. :)


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