Tuesday, November 28, 2017

KCMQG Block of Every Other Month #5 - The Wonky Star

HI there! 
Thank you so much for shopping from me this Holiday season. It really means the world to me. I am a tiny business and most of my time is spent quilting. I don't make time to market my shop and that has been a poor decision on my part. For those of you who have sought out my shop and bought fabric, patterns and things from me I truly truly thank you. 

Hi There! Are you ready for the next Part of the KCMQG BOEOM?
 It is stars! I love stars. I always turn to these wonky little stars when I am feeling my quilting muse has abandoned me and I'm not totally sure what to make, but I feel like I must make something!

I love to use ombre or gradient dyed fabric. I used Cotton+Steel Pigment Gradients for these stars. I think the different shades really add so much to my quilts. I used Navy and Marigold. The two different sizes really make the stars shimmer.

I have a Youtube video for you to watch if you want to. 

Wonky Stars are easy to make. They are basically a 9 patch block, and those are super easy right?

I used 2 different sizes, a biggish one and a little one.
The bigger one is made using 2.5 inch squares and the little ones are made with 1.5 inch squares.

You will need: 
8 background squares
5 squares for the star.

Cut 4 of the star squares in half diagonally, keep the 5th square for the center of the star.

Choose 4 background squares and lay 4 of the star points on the lower right corner pretty side down like the picture above. When you do this hold them down at the stitch line to make sure after you sew them the star points will cover all the triangle part behind the point. I don't always do this step, at this point in my quilt making life I can eyeball it pretty well so I don't check. If you are new to this type sewing do check. It will save you some frustration.

Sew them all down. If I am going to be making a bunch of stars I chain piece these puppies by the bucket full.

Flip over and press the star point down then trim away the extra fabric so there isn't a lot of bulk. This step will make it easier when it comes time to quilt your quilt.

Do the same thing with the other 4 star points. 

Same sewing 

Same pressing and trimming

The last step is going to be sewing the block together and trimming it to whatever size you want it to be. If its too small add some fabric, if its too big trim it down. Easy Peasy.

After you have made your stars you can make them into a border I used 13 large stars and 10 small stars. I knew I wanted my border to be 10 inches wide, so I added more of the Navy gradient dyed fabric to make the star segments 10 inches wide. Then I scattered them around the 2 sides of the quilt and filled in with more fabric. Not very fancy or precise, but that is how I work.

I used a bunch of the stars in this Menagerie Eclipse quilt too. Once you get going you will knock out a big stack and have so many stars you don't know what to do with them!

So I am making the next blocks already. Just to tempt you a little they will be spikes!

Have the best day!

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