Sunday, January 6, 2013

I am back in my quilting groove!

So, hey there! 2013 is off to a great start. 5 quilts got finished yesterday. That is dynamite progress I think. I did have some help with my husband. He has decided to take more interest in the business of quilting. He is more excited about the Gammill Statler Stitcher than I am if that is possible. As a matter of fact I was happily quilting away on my old Supreme when he declared that we needed another machine. What the heck? I am game! Have I ever said no to a sewing machine? Well I have in real life. I  want nothing at all to do with shuttle bobbin machines...but that is another story.

In order for him to take a more active role I am teaching him quilt making. For those of you who know my husband he normally does not seem like a quilter....but there is a great deal of peace to be found making things.

This is the first quilt I finished this year. It was an on a whim sort of quilt. I saw I'm a Ginger Monkey's big star quilts so I wanted to make something really quick. I knew how I wanted to quilt it long before I chose the fabric. That is normally how it is with me and quilt making. If you want to make one the tutorial is on In Color Order. I quilted it with big fat feathers. I love how it turned out.

I even like the crazy stripe binding. It washed up really well and it is so soft. I use Quilters Dream Cotton batting on most of my quilts and it is ALWAYS a success. I love it.

I finally bound this quilt. I started it at a workshop with Denyse Schmidt. I think the wonkyness with this quilt is fantastic.

This is one of the first quilts my husband made. It is funny how he naturally drifted to improv piecing and I think he pulled it off really well. It is simply quilted.

And finally there is this Texas flag quilt. My husband quilted this one after I made the top. I wanted him to do the Texas heat and wind like I normally do on these quilts, but he was having none of it. I left him to pick up the kids at school and when I got home it was covered with bricks and cobblestones.

There it is. So all of these quilts can be found in my shop.


  1. My go to longarm quilter is a guy. His background is in engineering and he can really use his Statler Stitcher. In fact, he teaches a design class.

    Another long arm friend had a collection of 8000 patterns on her Statler. She could not use most of them but had no impulse control.

    Your husband should love it.
    Ana Sweet

    1. Thanks ana! I am sure we will bith love the new machine. I am counting down the days!


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