Monday, January 28, 2013

My New Long Arm!!!!!

Hey there! Would you like to see some shots of my wonderful new Long Arm? Here she is while we were putting her table together. David knew it was important to welcome new machines into out home. My new Machine is a Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher. She has a graceful 30 inch throat. Sounds big, but she is more petite than my older machine, Lady June, who dwarfs the new machine with a 36 inch throat and about 8 more inches of stitch-able space when quilts are loaded on the frame.

My new machine does not have a name yet...I am open to suggestions. I bought her from Beth in KC. Beth is wonderful.

The new machine has the capability to to be computer driven with one of over 13,000 digital designs or I can hand guide it. I have been having a great time doing both since the machine was dropped off and set up last week.

This is the little keypad that I use to make selections on the computer screen.

This is the computer screen.

It has a lovly light I have lots of light down in my subterranean quilting lair.

This is the sample Beth taught me to use the Statler Stitcher with. She has been so helpful!

After I quilted all available space on the sample above, I loaded up some more junk fabric and quilted even more! I wanted to practice more with edge to edge designs and repeating pattern designs.

This was a nice amish like feather, but I went back in and tarted it up some. I do LOVE the breeze track on this machine and table!

By this time my little boys were with me and wanted to choose some designs. Star Wars - X wing and Tie fighter.

And a bunch of Australian critters. As well as me just having fun. I do love my new machine.

I have been working a bit on this Scrappy Trip along in my spare time. This quilt goes together really fast. Are you on Instagram? I post lots and lots on is just so easy with my phone right at my finger tips.

These fabrics are just a bunch that I really like. Most of the pale fabrics are Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander I just think that fabric plays so well with everything.

Here is the tutorial for this scrappy block on Bonnie Hunter's Blog QuiltVille Bonnie is awesome.

I really like how these fabrics play together.

OK, folks, I have quilts to quilt and dinner to make.

Have a great evening!


  1. Those quilting designs are gorgeous! I am trying to ignore the trip along until I get a couple of things finished up. It looks very fun!

    1. Thanks Jan! It was too fast and too tempting a quilt to I have no clue when it will actually get pieced into a quilt top. At least the blocks are done!

  2. congrats on the new machine. are you keeping your old one? I'm imagining you doing welsh designs on one quilt while the computerized one chugs away by itself.

    1. That is my plan brenda! And I plan to rent out long arm time on the old one.


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