Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stuff I am up to

I really like taking classes. The latest one I am taking is Big Techniques from Small Scraps by Sarah Fielke. I love her. I always learn so much from Sarah through her books. Her trick with tin foil has changed my appliqué life. I have just taken parts of her class and put into the above block. This block will someday be in my baskets, trees and whatnot quilt that I started with Gwen Marston ages ago.

My very first project is in a magazine! I have been in several magazines (they talk about what I do or about me...bushfire quilts, Hero bags, Camp Follower Bags) but this is the first one I actually have a project in that I wrote a pattern for!

A kindle cover! A quilted Kindle cover! I made this one for quilt market back in the FAll out of Julia Rothman's Type fabric for Whindam.

There I am! I am a bit sad that my blog or website was not included...however will people find me so I can quilt for them?

I am quilting away on this wonderful quilt. Isn't it BIG?

Here is the explanation page. The magazine did all the little sketches...I think that is pretty cool.

More pictures of the AWESOME fabric Jenny (who is a rock star quilt maker) used in this quilt. Basicly it is all my favorite fabric all in one quilt. A rock star quilt if ever there was one!

Here is a tiny detail picture of how I am quilting it. I want it to look very much like I have doodled all over I have Zentangled the quilt...or was inspired by Zentangle at the very least.

Speaking of Zentangle, last week a Zentangle instructor came to our KCMQG to talk about the process of Zentnagle. Pretty all 3 of my kiddos are Zentangling along beside me when we take the time to sit and draw.

OK, that is it for now...I need to go quilt...or bind a quilt or something like that down in my quilt lair.



  1. Great post... I'm certain that if people see the magazine article and want to find you, they will.


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