Friday, April 3, 2015

A primary quilt

Hey there! Long time no see, right? Well I have been busy quilting away...and going to a very awesome retreat in Hamilton, MO that I MUST blog about. But first lets look at this fabulous quilt that took ages to quilt.

Forgive the bad pictures, this quilt was too big to get good pictures of. Lynn made this quilt. It is for her grandson in Italy and she wanted it quilted in a masculine fashion. The back is a black sateen and I was a bit afraid of it. The colors all contrast so much, What thread would I use so that the black back didn't look like a carnival?

I choose red thread in the background and grey thread in the blocks.

So very many straight lines. Straight lines are much more difficult than Swirls. I think I have been on a straight line kick lately, but it looks so good!

Thank you for letting me quilt your quilt Lynn! I hope your grandson loves it!


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