Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Soul Searching Quilt

I also have this fabulous quilt to chat about. Ibby made this one using Kathy Doughty's pattern from one of her new books Making Quilts. That link may not work.

I had a blast quilting this one. Straight lines and swirls are best friends in my opinion...soul mates if you will.

I am kinda wild about how it turned out. I custom quilted it.

I also think Ibby has one stellar collection of low volume fabric.

Happy Quilting Folks!


  1. One of my goals is to have the exceptional machine quilting skills of Tia Curtis transform one of my quilts. Every time I think you have gone over the top, you just turn up with another magnificent spectacle!!!! One day ...

    1. Jody I will happily quilt for you anytime! You make me blush!


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