Thursday, April 9, 2015

KCMQG Quilt Retreat in Hamilton

Hey there!
Are you ready for a million pictures and a brief tour of the quilt shops of Hamilton, MO? The home place of the Missouri Star Quilt Company (empire). It is awesome. Most of us know Jenny Doan from her super helpful and clear Youtube Tutorials. Well she and her family own and operate operate one heck of a collection of quilt shops in the tiny town of Hamilton, MO. My Quilt guild (KCMQG) went on our weekend retreat there 2 weeks ago. There is a retreat center that sleeps 37 and it was fabulous.

OK, Lets begin!

This is now the main shop. It is in it's third location (I think). They keep moving because they keep filling it with fabric! So they decided to buy a bunch of the store fronts along the main street, renovate them and turn them into individual quilt shops divided up into types of fabric. The main store has all my favorite designers (Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt, Carrie Bloomston, Kaffe Fassett, Carolyn Friedlander....the gang is ALL there) In this shop you will also find the legendary Daily Deal and many notions. At the front of the shop is a resting spot for weary quilters to watch Jenny Doan preform her quilt magic.

The newest shop is the Solid and Basic shop. It is in the old JC Penny building. It has the original wood floor and exposed beams. It is so pretty with all the fabric in its proper spot in color order. I love it.

Next is the novelty shop. Any novelty you can think of. But no Japanese prints.

This is another building they are renovating. It will be a welcome center and Spouse lounge.

The 4th shop is the batik shop. Its walls are lines with brilliant Jewel tones batiks. And it smells like the beach. Coconut and sunblock.

Shop number 5 is the seasonal shop. Christmas, Valentines day and Halloween are all here in abundance. Notice the original tin ceiling and our Tour Guide. He is a Father in Law of one of Jenny's Children. The WHOLE family is involved in this endeavor.

Shop #6 six is the Public Library...or Quilting stable. Behind these doors are 7 Gammill long Arms with Statler Stitchers. and about 4 billion quilts to be quilted. I wish I had a fraction of that number to do.

This is what the inside looks like. It has not had much renovation. They have 3 more long arms in an old shop waiting space to be set up in and 4 more on order. Eventually they will have 14 Statlers. WOW.

Here are SOME of the quilts waiting to be quilted. Part of me wanted to take a couple and quilt them myself. BUTTTTTT I was there to relax and get my own sewing done. Not work.

They don't baste the quilts which I found really odd, but obviously they are doing WAY more business then I, so they must be doing it right. I will still baste though. This Quilting Library put me and Jess in a state of mild shock. So many quilts! So many machines! I guess I am still in shock when I think about it. So impressive.

The last shop was the reproduction shop. Civil war and feed sacks galore. Look at all those precuts!

The front window in this shop was really pretty. All the windows really were fabulous.

I neglected to take many pictures of us actually doing stuff...but here we are having an ice breaker. Getting to know one another.

Oh, let me jump in here about the food in town. COME HUNGRY! the Blue Sage is so so so so so so so good. I had a grilled chicken and coconut salad for dinner and I swear it was the best salad I have ever had. My mouth was quivering with delight. For lunch I had a rocket salad that as fabulous too. The chef is from Salt Lake City and Jenny brought him to town. I kept thinking my kids would love how very Gordon Ramsay it is.

I got to teach a quick class on my very favorite way to put in a zipper, so all who wanted to made little quilted zipper bags.

Here are some

I got to work on some UFO projects too! I FINALLY finished this quilt. I think I have been working on it since 2010. I went to some workshops with Gwen Marston in Dallas and she taught baskets and calling all your blocks to a quilt. After futzing around with this quilt for almost 5 years I just worked it into a medallion and I am very happy with it.

Jenny came in to visit us the last day and the poor lady was as sick as a dog. But she was so sweet to pose with me and my quilt.

See...isn't she neat. Larger than life really. 

Here is my top all finished. I have since quilted AND bound it. I will blog about it with lots of pictures soonish.

I also made a Sew Together Bag. I bet you have seen this bag on Instagram? I have had the pattern for ages, but I need some time away from temptation to work on it. It was HARD to make. I won't lie. But kinda addictive. I used my Carolyn Friedlander Altura blocks for the body of the bag and I am just in love with this little bag. I kinda want to make a million now that I know how.

Shea was working on this AWESOME star wars quilt. My youngest hopes desperately I will make him one too. It is based on a cross stitch pattern. And I think it is brilliant. So is Shea.

Lori made this adorable Easter Basket. She modified the 1 hour basket tutorial. I love it and wish I would have made some for my kids to have Sunday for Easter. Oh well, maybe next year?

Finally the only other project I took a picture of was Sarah's Jayhawk quilt top. She had taken a workshop with Shannon Brinkley and used that style to make this top.

OK, I have just a bit of quilting left to do on a raw edge leaf quilt and then I will post a tutorial. Gird your loins folks...I am bringing back the tutorial to my blog.



  1. Wow! I think I need to go to Hamilton.

  2. Thanks for the photo show of Missouri Star Quilt Co. I had no idea how very large it is! I live in California but your pictures make me want to travel to Hamiltion. Thanks for sharing.

    1. If you are ever in Missouri then the Missouri Star Quilt Company is certainly something to visit!

  3. What a fantastic weekend! Thanks for being my sewing pal and helping me stay up late each night! I'm so excited that I even made it into one of your blog pictures 😊

    1. Nicole I had such a blast with you! I wish I would have gotten more pictures than the measly ones I took. Your hair was so awesome...I should have at least taken 30 pictures of that.


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