Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ahoy! A Pirate Quilt

Hey there! I hope you are doing well. I want to show you one of the quilts I quilted recently. Isn't this a fun quilt for a little boy? I quilted this for Rosalind. She got the pattern a couple years ago from Material Obsession (in Australia) I looked for a link but in my quick search didn't turn anything up. I bet you will be more successful.

She wanted me to custom quilt it. I took it chunk by chunk. I wanted each area to look like thematic. Does that make sense? That can be either wind or currents of the sea. The sharks are swimming in the ocean = waves.

This center spot was tricky because Rosalind had already stitched on all these little pieces of treasure. No quilter ever likes quilting around beads and buttons. I am no different. I could have quilted this with a great deal more detail, but all that loot made me rather timid.

I quilted it to look like contour lines. 

I quilted enough to make it not puff too badly after it is washed.

And I think the sharks are mighty cute!

Happy quilting folks!

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