Friday, April 3, 2015

Cotton+Steel Liberated Quilt

Hey there! 
Lets Look at one of my quilts real quick. Many of you know of my love for the quilt maker extraordinaire Gwen Marston. I adore her and I think she is a national treasure. She has been the single biggest influence in my quilting life.  Improv piecing is my very favorite way to make quilts. I made this one as a class sample. I will be teaching Improv piecing at 2 different shops this summer. While I have several Improv quilts I could have used as class samples it is almost impossible to resist the call to make another.

For this one I choose two of my fat quarter bundles to work from Gelato and Land Air and Sea - from my shop. They are on sale at the moment by the way. I love how this mustard yellow interacts with the fuchsia and aqua.

This was also so very fun to quilt. There is no pressure at all when I quilt for myself and little wobbles work well with Improv piecing, I think.

I used wool batting for this quilt and I love how it puffs up in the un-quilted parts.

This quilt is all freehand quilted.

I got to swirl the center. Swirls never get old.

I FINALLY got to use that crazy bug print. I fussy cut the little beasts and I am thrilled with the results.

Spike border all around with echo quilting.

That ribbon in the aqua sashing was fun.

No block I love more than a Liberated Star.

Lets get a little closer so we can really see the sparkle of the metallic in the fabric. Shimmer!

Some crosshatching in the double gauze looks pretty. And my daughters fat black cat searches this spot out to set up camp on. It is his favorite. And some fun quarter Log Cabins

The back is Voile Mystery food. Voile with wool batting makes one fabulous quilt folks. Very squishy.

And I used the selvage.

If you want to see this quilt in real life it is hanging up at Meadows Quilt Shop in Leavenworth.

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